The Grand Prix for Good is the best shortlist, being on it is a win.

The Grand Prix for good was won by Leo Burnett Australia, for their "see the person" disability awareness campaign for Scope. Well done.

You know I was rooting for someone else in the Grand Prix for good. The entire shortlist however, was great and everyone on it should pat themselves on the back anyway. This shortlist is littered with great ideas for good causes, how can it not be golden all the way? I guess I'm just a sucker for ideas that sell a better future. I'm sorry Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia, but you did get the Lynx so you're OK, I'm sorry JWT NY. I had fun reading the shortlists, as I was pumping fists in the air whispering "yes!" and making a general fool of myself in the press room. Lets watch these two again.

Burma - Human Rights Watch / 2100 in 2010 - (2010) 1:45 (USA)

JUNE 16th 2014 - the idea that moved Tunisia wins gold at Dubai Lynx

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