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Graziashop.com - Label Lust - (2015) :27 (UK)

This women really loves fashion. She really loves it. Personally I think she'd be better off with a dog.

Accompanying the edit below are four additional shorts (under 16 seconds), each exploring an aspect of that passionate and almost anthropomorphic desire we feel for fashion - 'Fall Head Over Heels', 'Long Distance Love', 'The One That Got Away', and 'Love At First Sight'. It's fun playful stuff that doesn't take itself seriously, and another piece of good work coming out of Mr. President - a London-based creative agency.

Mr Prez explains the idea:

The inaugural campaign for the brand, #LabelLust, plays on the insight that women can fall in love, hard, with pieces of fashion. And so we see the trials and tribulations unfold of our hero character, as we follow her never-ending quest for love. After all, who hasn’t fallen in love with a pair of shoes you just couldn’t stop thinking about.

Okay, maybe not shoes, but I get where they're coming from. Replace with expensive tech gadgets and I'm fully ready to empathise with this young lady.

Laura Jordan Bambach, Creative Partner at Mr. President:

‘We are excited to have developed a brand voice for Graziashop.com that speaks to a very human truth – that feeling that you get when you lay your eyes on something you lust and MUST. HAVE. We are excited to keep developing this voice to establish Graziashop.com as the place to start your next fashion love story.’

Have you fallen in love with that one dress, or that perfect pair of shoes?

Siobhan McDonagh, Marketing Director at Graziashop.com:

‘I’m delighted to see Label Lust, Graziashop.com’s inaugural brand campaign, come to fruition. Tapping into the unspoken truth about how many women feel about fashion, when you find that amazing piece and fall completely and utterly in love. The tongue-in-cheek playfulness of the campaign is exactly what the Grazia brand is known best for and we’re immensely proud to launch this as a platform for us to build on season after season.’

Silly stuff, but with a real human truth behind it and a nice hashtag. When you get it right, it looks easy. But when you get it wrong, you just look away.

Mr President

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It's like an art direction flashback to 1999s FACE.