Green Giant "Caught in the Act" (2013) 2:00 (USA)

It's a misdirect spot, done in reality TV style à la "Cheaters."

One one hand this gets a couple props. The casting is well done. And it's nice to see them trying something new beyond the Green Giant nostalgia of my youth. Although I liked that nostalgia, to be honest. At least they didn't rip a page from Crispin and turn the Green Giant into a creepy dude who shows up at your door leering at you and brandishing his green bean nibs in a salacious way.

Considering where they've been I guess this is meant to be edgy or something.
But on another hand, Reality TV's been with us for decades now. This is two minutes of a joke we can see coming within the first ten seconds? And really, who in the history of eating ever sat in bed eating a bowl of vegetables?

And pardon my french but I'm so fucking tired of the "dumb husband," stereotype.
Guess what? Men have been known to buy groceries in the family, too. Crazy, I know. It's not just my lady who does the shopping in my house.

Also, in the age of Nanny Bloomberg and Michele Obama's fitness crusade, it's so strategically off to take the "I can eat as much as I want because it's healthy," position. Um no, you can't. Extra calorie intake is extra calorie intake regardless of what you're eating. And if you get the Green Giant vegetables with butter sauce, then you're really trippin,' if you think you're eatin' healthy.

Ho ho ho.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, NY
Creative Director: Garrett Jones
Copywriter: Lincoln Boehm
Art Director: David Hong
Senior. Integrated Producer: Luca Mazzarini
Production Company: Curious Pictures, NY
Director: KRANKY (Laurence Shanet)
DP: Gil Seltzer
Executive Producer: Gary Giambalvo
Executive Producer: Adam Bloom
SVP/Head of Studio: Camille Geier
Line Producer: Michael Covino
Post Production: Curious Pictures, NY
Editor: Evan Kultangwatana
Audio: Penny Lane

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