Greenpeace - Winter Is Not Coming - (2015) :56 (France)

Greenpeace, who have previously used borrowed interest to great effect - making a LEGO film to coincide with the release of 'The LEGO Movie' (7.5M YouTube hits and counting) - will be looking for more of that viral success with this 'Season 6 Teaser' promoting their new microsite:

The caption reads: "A few more degrees can change the story" - referencing the frozen 'White Walkers' from popular TV show Game of Thrones.

Winter might not be coming, but like the climate, HBOs lawyers are probably just getting warmed up.

Client: Greenpeace France

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History: Sweden once beat Denmark in a war because they didn't expect us marching across the ice (march across the belts). Suckas! That's why the Treaty of Roskilde happened and is the reason Skåne is part of Sweden today. /historylesson