Grey wants your agency to go green. Still calls themselves "Grey". is a hyphen-hot URL from Grey where they pass on tips and tricks on how to get an ad agency to produce less waste, not waste energy and overall make a smaller impact on our environment. Grey hopes that the idea will catch if you just pass it it on. They did however miss out on the oppertunity or renaming themselves "Green" to get maximum PR out of the idea. That would have been fun. Screenshot inside for those who can't be arsed with the flash.

Yep, how to create less waste at the office is filled with some really obvious tips on recycling your paper and turning off your computer and drawing the blinds, cycling to work etcetera and so on. Every item on their list - yes, every dang thing - is already done at my office. Where have you folks been? It's not 1994 anymore people.

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Pathetic. Unless they can find a cure for the agency habit of printing out everything, every time it's changed in triplicate, we'll be killing trees forever or until they run out whichever comes first.

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