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Ground Zero's new Hero? Tyler Whisnand opens up Ground Zero New York.

Dabitch: -"Hey Tyler Whisnand, what will you bring to the shop when you are CD?"
Tyler: -"A macintosh powerbook and a case of southern comfort. (our new office is in the meat packing district above the famous landmark biker bar: Hogs 'n Heffers!)"

Earlier Tyler said that he missed Amsterdam, and somehow moving from the border of the Red Light district Amsterdam to the meat packing district in New York seems to make some kind of cosmic sense. It's a step up, I'd say.

Dabitch: -"Tyler, seriously now, what do your parents think you do for a living?"
Tyler: -"They think i'm a hotel hopper."

Dabitch: -" Which ad right now, do you find the most annoying?"
Tyler: -"All of them."

Dabitch:-" Will your past as a KK'er influence the way you run Ground Zero?"

Dabitch:-" How did you get this job? "
Tyler:-"Court Crandall read about me in tiger beat magazine while visiting a Britney Spears fan club ralley in the valley."

Dabitch: -" What does american advertising need right now? New creative blood? New visions in shops? More creativity? Less creativity? More targeted creativity?"
Tyler: -"American advertising needs creatives who can talk to business people openly about what creativity can do for a company, a brand and a dream. Also:
hopefully, some respect for such creativity by the business people of the future."

Dabitch: -" What was it that made you decide to go to Ground Zero?"
Tyler: -"They are the only living souls inside the united states of america. everyone else is either dead or republican. or most likely both."

Dabitch: -" What is your favorite ad of all times?"
Tyler: -"Shoebaloo (1996) by erik kessels, johan kramer, joanna van der zanden and miriam jeurissen. ahead of its time. a classic. powerful, and empowering."

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