Grumpy cat is Friskies new spokescat, and wins Lifetime achievement award. Still not happy.

Grumpy Cat has an endorsement deal, Nestle Purina PetCare has announced that the famous feline will lend her grumpy face to a Friskies brand of cat food.

Grumpy cat, owned by Tabatha Bundesen, who lives in Phoenix, is called "Tard", it might have been a misspelling of tartar sauce, as in "Tardar Sauce", it might not be. Grumpy cat has feline dwarfism and an underbite which makes her look grumpy all the time, but really she's a happy cat underneath that frown.

Since Grumpy appeared on the Friskies Youtube channel as the star of "will kitty play with it?", and drawing mass crowds at SXSW it seems her fame-star won't stop rising - there's rumors of a movie deal.

"She's very busy," Friskies spokeswoman Julie Catron said. "The first thing she'll do for us is receive the lifetime achievement award."

The feline will receive the award Oct. 15 in New York as Friskies honors the best cat videos of the year as chosen through an online vote. Of course Tard won, what did you expect?

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