Gucci - Petra Collins / Hungarian #Dreamscape - (2017) :90 (UK)

Photographer Petra Collins has directed this film highlighting Gucci’s 2017 spring/summer eyewear collection. In it, there's a dreamscape. Bits from Collin's own childhood memories where things were suitably eclectic in old Hungarian homes, with clothes, colours and patterns that are mismatched just so. Where kids stay up to watch the grainy TV that airs pop music, where grandma falls asleep in her glittery glasses. Where children run toward the sunset while a steady-cam follows them through the field. Where the VCR muse of pop music brings them to the neglected turn of the century bath house. Where long haired waifs dance with giant glasses put outside their hair in that fabulously dorky way that only works if you are a 17 year old model who wears Gucci. (Trust me, I've tried)

"Eyes without a face" is covered for the music, because what song could be better for a retro eyewear soundtrack? Funny, when I'm supposed to remember the glasses, all I recall is Billy Idol's face.

Client: Gucci
Director: Petra Collins

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