Guerrilla advertising has gone to the dogs

Miami advertising are dogging the big food chains with a dogvertising campaign aimed to promote Willy's supermarkets low-low prices. Using dog-billboards where big dogs carry the words "High prices" cheekily spelled out in fonts and colors that look a lot like Willy's expensive supermarket competitors, and wee dogs carrying coats that read "low prices!" in Willy's logo-style Miami attracts attention to Willy's now even lower prices.

DB: So, Miami, how many dogs do you have out there?

Gustav: We have twenty dogs working it to the bone in Stockholm all day long.

DB: So how did you find the dogs, and are you paying them in dog food?

Gustav: We found the dog talent through several sources, among other things doggie-daycare centers and whatnot.

DB: So what are the competition saying about this campaign?

Gustav: Haven't heard even the slightest bark from them, which could mean that they are painfully aware of their high prices....

It's a dogs life - taking a break in the park.

Ad agency: Miami, Gothenburg

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