Gundersen "Tanner And Spatula" (2017) :30 (USA)

Respecting individuality. Here's something you don't often see in hospitals or with doctors: patience. It usually seems like as with any job, no one has time. Expediency has replaced humanity. And yet, like all stories in the Gundersen campaign, here's a real story that demonstrates the value of patience, when it comes to children, and especially when it comes to special needs children. This doctor comes up with a really creative way to get Tanner to stand on the scale to get his height and measurement. In this case they measure his spatula first. Charming. It's also a really great way for Gundersen to own words like "compassion," and make sure each word in healthcare carries equal weight.

CLIENT: Gundersen Health System
Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer: Pamela Maas
Marketing Manager: Shawn Stevenson
Marketing Information Specialist: Julie Besl

AGENCY: Preston Kelly
EVP / Creative Director: Chris Preston
Associate Creative Director: Anne Taylor
ACD / Copywriter: Terry Thomas
Senior Broadcast Supervisor: Anne Swarts
Account Supervisor: Ron Hall

PRODUCTION COMPANY: kaboom productions
Director/DP: michele atkins
EP/Owner: lauren schwartz
Head of Production/Producer: steven sills

Editor: Mike Weldon
Senior Producer / Partner: Kelly Nelson

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