Gymboree "Summer is over" (2016) :30 (USA)

Summer's over, this spot tells us, using adorable kids dressed in Gymboree's Fall 2016 collection. And there are some new rules to be followed, they tell us, as the camera slowly pans across all these kids one more adorable than the next. Leave the pet nickname at home. If I say I'm going to make lunch do not let me make lunch. Math is gonna suck for us both this year, etc. The kids end on the delightfully out of sync line "Don't worry even though we don't act like it, we definitely need you: you make everything happy!" Great casting in this spot, too. By the way, it wasn't really one long take. An outdoor green screen studio provided the background for the children. They shot each one individually. Then they went back in and make it look seamless. Magical, huh?

Client: Gymboree
VP, GM E-Commerce & Marketing: Parnell Eagle
VP, Creative Marketing: Dean Silbersack

Agency: Where Eagles Dare
Executive Creative Director: Brian Franks
Art Director: Zam Cadden
Writer: MJ Speakman
Brand Manager: Rachel Powell
Script Writers: Jeff + Pete
Music + Sound Design: Hum
Co-Production + Casting: LEW productions
Casting: Doreen Frumkin Casting

Production Company: Big Block
Director: Paul Trillo
DP: Justin Jerry
Producer: Geno Imbriale
Executive Producer: Corwin Carroll
EP/Managing Director: Kenny Solomon
Editorial/Finishing: Big Block
Editor: James Boger
Post Producer: Tiffany Dickerson
CG Supervisor: Scott McNeff
Head of Production/Post: Kay Rough

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