H-57 Creative commandments

"Creativity has no rules. Well, almost no rules. We’ve found our personal ones and wrote them down. Or, to be more precise, drew them on paper, cut out the pieces and glued them on a big cardboard. By the end of the project, we realized that these rules are what really guide us every single day. Anyway, just doing this poster was a way to abide by our very first rule: have fun in what you do."

So say H-57 who showed us this. Pretty.

Title: H-57 Commandments
Creative Directors: Matteo Civaschi, Gianmarco Milesi
Typographers: Matteo Civaschi, Anna Barisani
Copywriter: Gianmarco Milesi, Matteo Civaschi
Account Director: Sabrina Di Gregorio

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