Hammer and Tongs to do Hitchhikers Guide

All HHGTTG fans, either rejoice or cry into your towels - the increasingly inaccurately named trilogy is going to be a movie after all. Don't panic, the fine folks at Hammer & Tongs will direct and produce the film - the people behind the 'Coffee and TV'-video for Blur and the 'evolution of man'-video for Fat Boy Slim know a thing or three about irreverent craziness. Karey Kirkpatrick is the screenwriter who will try and channel Douglas and coax the old radio-script into a movie script.

Karey Kirkpatrick has done us all a favor and interviewed himself about this project, answering the question on everyones mind: WHO THE H*#&! ARE YOU AND WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO MUCK AROUND WITH THIS TREASURED PIECE OF LITERATURE, YOU AMERICAN HOLLYWOOD HACK? .

Also see Hitchhikersmovie for info on how the film is progressing.

Coming out of the geek-closet here (who am I kidding, everyone knows about my geek streak) I'll use this opportunity to show off my signed copy of HHGTTG. Douglas Adams even spelled my name right, bless his soul.

[via Mefi]
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Cool! Wish mine was autographed. Hope these guys do a good job with the film...

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This is much alike the LOTR - a book impossible to make a movie out of, before Jackson, the g33k himself put all of his reputation at stake and did it. I first heard about a film in January (Finibus Bonorum et Malorum) and before that it have been much ado about ideas... I think I will believe it when I see it: and bless those moviemakers souls if they destroy the book I have read eight times...

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You have got to be kidding me. dammit! [proceeds to die of jealousy]

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I think Hammer & Tongs are doing a great job so far. More power to you!

(Douglas Adams spelled your name right! DA rules!)

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If there is a fire in my house, I'll save my turtle and that book!