Happy Brush - Johnny Rotten / Love Your teeth (2017) :90 (Germany)

Happy brush is a Munich-based startup with subscription dental care arriving by mail. They needed to make a large branding impact online, and turned to Amsterdam Berlin.
Founder Moritz Grub created the idea and film, and reveals: “The idea came hand in hand with Johnny Rotten. We wanted to make a content campaign for happy brush that people would be genuinely interested in whilst at the same time making a strong point. You only have one set of teeth. Take good care of them - with happy brush.”

Johhny speaks candidly about his life with rotten teeth and you realise it wasn't quite as cool as it may have seemed in those grungy black and white photographs from Sex Pistols heydey or blurry pics from massive PIL concerts. Constant pain and aches stemming from the fact that his teeth were actually rotten. And then Johnny describes even more pain in replacing those teeth with modern dentures over the space of two years, because his teeth were literally about to kill him. It all sounds quite awful, and painful. I mentioned pain, didn't I? I hate the dentist. This all brings us to the core concept quite readily, 'Love your teeth'. You only have one set. My mom used to hover over me in my daily routines telling me to "brush your teeth for four minutes so you can keep them for 100 years," which is the same point. The celebrity draw of John Lydon will ensure that people watch this, at least us old punks & PIL fans, but to be honest, this sells dental hygiene in general and not Happy Brush specifically. Still, you got John Lydon to snark at you and crack a joke about being rich and famous, 100% cool points Moritz.

Ad Agency: Amsterdam Berlin
Post Production House: Bwgtbld Berlin
Production Company: Amsterdam Berlin
Director: Moritz Grub

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