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Hardware updates (geek news)

Last night we were offline for a few hours while I upgraded some hardware. Wanna see what the mess known as Apex looked like while I was at it? Read more.

We run on two machines, acme and apex who have different roles, nameserver, mailserver and webserver. Acme used to be all things but retired from serving the web last year after getting a little too old for all that. So we bought Apex last summer and now we are already outgrowing Apex in disk space, CPU speed and even power supply. Last night a 235 W was switched for a 460W Enermax and another 73 Gig disk was added. I've begun saving up for some super-suave new server with dual processor and maybe even hot-swap disks. A girl can dream, right?

Always wanting something faster, quieter, smaller and better. *sigh* :)

Apex and Dabitch
Apex and Dabitch


What football team I'm rooting for is anybody's guess. ;9

Speaking of football - if you are looking for the Coke billboard, it's moved up here. ChinChin!

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This must be one of the most attractive pics for a g33k: a beautiful woman putting together a server! :)

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la nazionale italiana

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Hey! Good to see you girl! *waves*

That looks pretty complicated whatever you are doing. You seriously built the server this runs on? I'm impressed. I can barely find my USB ports.

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You look like Vivian James!

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My hair is longer now, so there's my Halloween costume sorted! All I need is a striped shirt, a headband and some glasses.