Harley-Davidson “Our Night" (2013) 1:00 (USA)

Check out this spot for Harley by VSA Partners. Harley, as you know, was once upon a time, a bike for badasses.

Now, among other things like LED headlights and updated style and comfort, it touts the fact the 2014 Harley line up has a bluetooth and touchscreen. So you can not only ignore business calls with the boss, you can make the ghost of John Lennon roll over by playing a cover of "Come Together."

Because that's what badass Harley riders do in 2013. Cant wait till Harley makes hemorrhoid cushions come standard.

Harley: It's a Hyundai on two wheels.

Also what's with the end line, "Built by all of us, for all of us." Ever hear of FUBU?

The delivery on the VO is trying so hard, I can hear the veins in the announcer's neck straining.

Agency: VSA Partners
ECD: Jeff Cruz
ACD: Jesse Rea
Agency Producer: Dennis McCullough
Account Director: Kara Bosnic
Account Director: Don Peasley
Production Company: Recommended Media
Director: Alexander Paul
Post: Beast
Editor: Charlie Lee
Sound: Ozone Music and Sound
Music: “Come Together”
The Beatles
Performed By: The Strypes
Universal Music Group

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Ignore the call from boss. That's how weekend warriors afford Harleys. Also, that's how badass they get these days? Oh how a brand has fallen, I've seen the same exact gag in some suburban car commercial.

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I am fighting #InvisibleCat to a draw on this one. His side of the debate is simple -- "If upper middle management wants all that crap buy a BMW-Honda dresser". Sorry but that is the best translation I can offer, #InvisibleCat makes Mr.George [@AdscamGeorge] sound preppy. My position is real simple -- Harley may as well build a backwards tricycle; http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/News/newsresults/First-rides-tests/2013/March/mar1213-can-am-spyder-first-ride/

I promise to be nice, however, there is no "biker image" in making a dresser like that, even though the pussies who think they are 1% will buy it. Ha, Mr.Corporate wannabe wouldn't last 10 minutes in the [Redacted]. My poor old 1988 Sportster has more style. Okay? Reality check, Harley is getting hit from 2 sides now. Indians are back and that other company, ah hum, yeah Star.