Heetch "young people support Heetch" (2016) :46 (France)

Heetch is a French ridesharing company like Lyft and Uber and it is about as welcome in France's government as those other companies are in Austin. Soon, Heetch will appear in court for “complicity of illegal Taxi practice.” To help raise awareness about the issue, Buzzman created this spot that takes a hefty dig at the once young politicians who would have fought for such idealism in their youths. They used archival footage in a sort of "gotcha," edit that makes them seem more like their younger selves would have aligned with Heetch. I love the tone of this campaign, although something tells me the idea of French politicians have having fought for capitalism is a bit farfetched. However, the name Heetch which I can only assume is pronounced just as it is spelled, as in a way someone from France would say "hitch," is a great name.

Co-Founders: Teddy Pellerin, Mathieu Jacob, Aylic Petit
President and Executive Creative Director : Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Vice – President : Thomas Granger
Associate Director : Julien Levilain
Artistic Director : Romain Pergeaux
Copywriter : Romain Pergeaux
Account Director : Xavier Devaux Landragin
Production : Vanessa Barbel, Margaux Despointes, Eva Yung
Communication and P.R. Managers : Amélie Juillet, Clara Bascoul-Gauthier

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