Heineken - the Date - (2011) :90

Heineken are upping "the entrance", this time with a date that is inspired by Goodfellas and a wild party in Chinatown. Guillaume Dolmans plays the perfect date who brings his lady through the restaurant kitchen, bumps into a magician, has a shadow-fight with a chinese dragon and then invents new dance-moves. The best part of this ad is how the "making of" clip keeps up the idea that Guillaume Dolmans is all kinds of awesome. Oh, and it's all based on scenes from w+k ECD Eric Quennoy's life. True story.

Unnecessaryumlaut notes that the Utica Club Beer club song fits here.

Ad agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Director: Fredrik Bond
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy
Producer: Alicia Richards
Principal Talent: Guillame Dolmans & Samantha Rex

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