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Heineken - The real master of intuition - UEFA Champions, Milan (2012) 3:00 Italy

Heineken decided to prank an entire pub during the UEFA Champions League final match, and did so in a famous sports bar in Milan. Two legends of Italian football, Billy Costacurta and José Altafini, are in the pub giving live commentary. They didn't know that Heineken had hidden cameras everywhere, and delayed the match by two minutes so that people in the audience could upstage the legends by calling shots before they're even made.

I'm sure it was quite funny if one was at that pub, but a three minute case study doesn't quite capture it. Every person in the pub, now a Heineken drinker to boot, are sure to tell their mates about this though.

Agency: Publicis - Milan
CD: Cristiana Boccassini
Client: Heineken
CD: Bruno Bertelli
AD: Alessandro Candito
CW: Paolo Bartalucci
Producer: Mariella Maiorano
Director: Cric

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