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Heinz Deli Mayo - New York Deli Mom (banned) - (2008) :30 (UK)

Twohundred people had nothing better to do than complain about this peck.


Agency: AMV BBDO London
Martin Lorraine (Copywriter)
Steve Jones (Art Director)
Director: David Gray
Production Company: Station Film
Post: MPC
Audio: Jungle Studios

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Aww. We liked it around here. It stood out from so much of the dross at ad-break time.

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I think it's hilarious.

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A refreshing ad gets pulled. Shock. If it was the same bland shtick that we're used to seeing, perhaps it would have stood.

The Daily Mail classes rule the UK. This kind of thing makes me want to leave more than having a Prime Minister who started a war in a faraway country without the public's vote. Almost.

Seriously, pulling this advert says a lot in the same week we note in the UK that 1 in 5 gay people have experienced homophobia.

ASA complainants, hang your heads in shame.

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I believe it's "Station Film" instead of "Station Films".