Help Mary's Meals and set the table for one more at Christmas

Every year, Edinburgh based ad agency Whitespacers, creates a different, shall we say, conceptual Christmas card. One year they created a giant train set with a mounted live cam that could was operational via Twitter. Pretty fun. But this year the good folks at Whitespacers decided to help a new client of theirs; Mary's Meals.
Mary's Meals is a charity that wants to help children living in some of the world's poorest countries a meal when they attend school. Considering the average Christmas dinner in the first world is over £16, or €20 or for us Yanks, $25 bucks, it's amazing that Mary's Meals does it for £12.20 (€14.50) or $18 bucks.
So, they decided to do something awesome. They created a virtual dinner table and invited everyone to set a place - for a suggested amount of, you guessed it, the same price it takes Mary's Meals to do it. £12.20
What's even better-- everyone who donated would get a place setting on the table with their name on it. Because you know-- there's always room for one more for Christmas.

So the idea is now live at One More For Christmas. And in just the first few days they've already raised over £16,000. And they are going to continue to raise more money until the 25th. Go on and do something nice. T'is the season after all.

H/T @the_zeitghost who I don't know, but would like to buy a wee dram for helping spread this excellent, charitable idea.

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