The High Museum Of Atlanta wants you to use your smartphone.

Most museums don't want visitors taking selfies and photographs. Atlanta's High Museum of Art is completely different though. Using a refreshed version of a mobile app called Artclix, which SapientNitro’s Second Story developed originally, the High Museum revamped the app and reimagined the museum experience to make it interactive and personalized for each visitor.

Now, when you go to the High you can take photos to your heart's content. The ArtClix app uses image-recognition technology to provide engaging multimedia content. Which is good. because standing in front of a Picasso is so boring.

Visitors are also encouraged to share their photos on social media on social media and leave comments in the ArtClix community forums. And don't worry if you have nothing too intellectual to say. They have “Highmojis." Emoji-style graphics that allow visitors to share their reactions to the art. Because nothing sums up Guernica like LOL.

When you're done sharing your words of wisdom via three letters, you can take an ArtSelfie with a work of art and share on social media. "Hey look! It's me in front of The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living!

There's even a special time of day where you can do this, and allow people who actually came to see the art to do so without smartphone interference.
I made that last part up but it would be great, wouldn't it? Seriously, can you not go for an hour without that stupid phone glued to your hand?

Maybe they can revamp this app for concerts, because everyone loves it when you film the show. Or I know: add a special "Amen" emoji for religious folk when they go to their houses of worship. Or an extra sad emoji for funerals!

Client: High Museum of Art
Agency: Second Story

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