H&M "Come together" (2016) 3:52 (USA)

It's Monday, and nearly December. Are you feeling a bit sad that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is coming and there hasn't been a decent fashion ad directed by an American auteur? H&M's got you covered.

Adrian Brody stars in Wes Anderson-directed film for H&M. It features the usual Anderson tropes: Adrian Brody. A train. Cameras panning across long set pieces. Titles in twee typeface that pop out of nowhere obtrusively. A hyper coordinated color palette. Precocious kids. And last but not least, a British invasion song. Although this time it's not an obscure B-side on Pye Records but instead, John Lennon and Yoko's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)," which just might be the most depressing Christmas song ever written. The only thing missing from this film is a storyline featuring a dysfunctional family. Ah, well. Six out of seven ain't bad.

Client: H&M
Director: Wes Anderson

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