Homebase - Life Improvement - (2016) :60 (UK)

Alignment marketing is dangerous. One minute you're selling a coffee table, the next you're selling the chance to connect with your estranged teenage son. That's not just a coffee table, you see. That's the coffee table. The coffee table he's going to be leaning against when he tearfully comes out to you, explaining that all these chances to connect over breakfast have finally made him brave enough to accept his sexuality. Or something.

So here we are; another Planner's wet dream that sells the nebulous concept of self-betterment, rather than actual physical objects or services.

My Dad goes to Homebase all the time. He's kind of their ideal target market, loves a bit of home improvement, loves to potter around in the garden, nips in for whatever he needs. Now the problem here isn't that my Dad will dislike this ad. He's not even going to understand it. He'll turn to me and say 'What's that all about then?'

I don't know Dad. I really don't. It's association marketing, alignment marketing. It's flavour of the month over here on the bandwagon.

Homebase explains their thinking:

Whether you are struggling to organise your space and mind, or just crave a bit more family time, we have the advice and products than can help your transformation. Let us know what small improvement would make an improvement to your life and we just might make it happen for you...

Another trusted brand buys into a Planners madness and it's no longer about selling planks of wood and flowerpots, but 'organising your mind' and 'helping your transformation'. There is absolutely no way a cynical "get to the point" British public will buy into this, and sales will eventually reflect that. But hey, they have a Pinterest Board which you can follow for inspiration.

This ad launches a new tagline for UK Home brand Homebase "It's not just home improvement, it's Life Improvement...". How this made it out of an intern's scrapbook is a mystery to me.

Brand: Homebase
Agency: Leo Burnett

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