Homeless man becomes living movie poster media in Hollywood, holding up one-sheets.

It's not new, we've seen homeless people holding up signs in exchange for pizza or wearing coats that advertised Ben&Jerry and other examples, but David Permut thinks he's on to something brilliant here. Deadline Hollywood reports that Permut passes this homeless man named Ronald almost daily, and suddenly had the idea to pay him for holding up a movie poster.

"It's been very good for us and for him," Permut tells me. "So I started thinking: why don't the movie studios go to all the homeless people and pay them to hold up one-sheets?"

Commentors are not impressed, one even brags that he did it himself ten years ago:

So when I used to work for Revolution Studios back in 2000, I used to give the homeless guy 100.00 and the movie poster, plus all the hats and jackets from the crew gifts…
This guy stood at the corner of Olympic and Bundy…
Great press until Sony told me to STOP…
Then again, it was Sony and that same movie, who lied about people raving about there movies!

None of these folks used Bumvertising to place their ads. No fair, somebody isn't getting their cut here.

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