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Hornbach "Regret nothing" (2017) 1:07 (Germany)

Just in time for spring, Home Improvement store Hornbach invites us all to embrace our failures. In fact, the more spectacular the better. In this particular spot, a father is putting knocking in a post on a house frame. The lovely start of a cabin in a breathtaking part of the country, near mountains and sloping hills. As his song bikes towards him, the father hits a little too hard, and realizes too late that the structure is going down and taking him with it. The boy is heartbroken, unable to control his tears. But from the rubble comes the sound of laughter. The father emerges bruised and a little bloodied, but laughing out loud. His son breathes a sigh of relief at seeing his father okay and rushes over the embrace him. By the end, he, too, is laughing. A great ad with a simple point: shit will go wrong. Embrace it.
Despite the somewhat dark humor, there is a human truth here that rings a lot more true than the usual star of these spots: the weekend warrior who never fails and has the do-it-yourself capability of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Composers Andy Hull and Robert McDowel made the oh-so-appropriate cinematic score. They were also the duo behind the soundtrack to Swiss Army Man.

Client: HORNBACH Baumarkt AG
Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin
Creative Director: Guido Heffels
Production: Czar, Berlin
Director: Andreas Nilsson
Music/Composers: Andy Hull and Robert McDowel

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