Hostamania - Web Hosting powered by Hulk Hogan - Wrecking Ball (2013)

Due to the current Hulk Hogan vs Gawker trial, old ad efforts like this one from 2013 have been dredged up again. They actually discussed this ad in the deposition! It's a one minute long bizarre promo and parody of Miley Cyrus wrecking ball, but with the Hulk Hogan character in full hulk mode. It starts with some surreal sort-of lookalike who is being wasteful with crayons when he colours in a Hulkmania logo. Suddenly a man appears from the ceiling, hanging upside down, and eats the crayons. At this point you may feel your mind entering a state of "complete blank", that's your braincells leaving. Don't panic.

After saying that his in-ring persona is both wholesome and family-oriented, Hogan was asked in the deposition if he felt embarrassed that the ad is available on the internet.
"No, because it's an advertisement for a promotional piece in character," he said. "I think it's fun."

The type of person who might be interested in hosting at "Hostamania" is probably the type of person who finds this ad amusing and forgives the sudden continuity fail when Hogan's pants vanish. They may or may not also be the type of person who eats crayons. Oh wait, that's why Hogan kicks that guy, crayon-eaters aren't allowed at Hostamania. So glad we cleared that up.

Director: Daniel Jones, Salt Media Group

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