Hot cheerleaders in mud, what’s not to love? – (UK)

(Aka, a gift for Steve at AdRants.) Frijj shakes are like, mud thick. Cookie Dough FRijj though is even more so, apparently. The solution? Cheerleaders Swamp Soccerettes who like it thick and slow playing in mud! But wait, there’s more, as there always is: Augmented reality bottle babes! For now, AR is in its shiny new toy phase, where having anything appear—like said cheerleader eye candy—is good enough. Ultimately, one pitch will indeed be mudified for said swampettes to, um, *cheer* in. WEB CAM! Now, don’t you feel *dirty* for reading that. I know I do, for having posted that.

Agency: Grey/London with Syzygy/London

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