How to tell someone you love them

An apropriate stunt for Valentines day - or "how to suprise your agency". Yesterday, Stefano Caputo the advertising and media manager and Maurizio Marchiori head-ad-honcho at Diesel, walked in to a pitch-meeting with Kesselskramer wearing big pullovers and secretive smiles.

"It was just a gimmick" says Stefano Caputo "We had made these simpl shirts the night before with iron-on logo's. During the meeting we had called, we both complained about the heat - and removed our big heavy pullovers revealing the T-shirt stating "Diesel&KesselsKramer"."

Kesselskramer didn't know that this was what the meeting was all about and were quite suprised.

Aaaaaaaw, ain't that a sweet way to woo your new partners on Valentines day?

So kyoot.

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aaaw! Great story! More like these please.