HP "Magic words" (2016) 2:32 (Brazil)

This documentary from AlmapBBDO is for HP. With more than 13 million illiterate people in Brazil, there are a lot of stories that won't get passed down from generation to generation. Until now.

HP has developed technology that records words as text, and then prints them in real time. So stories like the ones you see in this documentary will live on as will the lives of the people who told them, even if they don't know how to write it down themselves. Fascinating.

Company: HP Inc.
Title: Magic Words
Product: Ink Advantage Ultra
Partner/Chief Creative Officer: Luiz Sanches
Executive Creative Director: Bruno Prosperi
Creative Director: Marcelo Nogueira, Pernil, Benjamin Yung Jr, Andre Gola,
Digital Creative Director: Luciana Haguiara
Head of Art: Pedro Burneiko
Art Director: Pedro Burneiko, Luciano Lincoln, Renato Jun Okida, Nando Sperb, Tiago Padilia
Copywriter: Luciana Haguiara, Daniel Oksenberg
Creative Technologist: Renato Jun Okida
UX: Caroline Kayatt
Agency TVC production: Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Boas, Fernando Yamanaka Technology Director: Eduardo Bruschi
Project Manager: Mayra Otsuka
Content Director: Chris Melo
Photographers: Gabriel Bianchini, José Cabaço, Ale Charro e Samuel Costa
Film Production: Bando Studio
Director: Leandro HBL
Executive Producer: Marcela Sutter
Photography Director: Vagner Jabour
Editing: Guilherme Tensol / Lucas Rangel
Finalization: Rudá Cordaro
Audio Production House: Satélite
Technology Production House: The Goodfellas
Account Services: Filipe Bartholomeu, Juliana Janot Vilhena Nascimento, Thamy Alegria Ortiz e Stéffano Coelho
Digital Integration Director: Kauê Lara Cury
Public Relations: Tiara Vaz, Anna Pires (In Press)
Media: Carla Durighetto, Fernanda Maia e Paula Kosugi
Approval: Nara Marques, Eduardo Portillo e Shuchi Sarkar

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