HP "Print for help" (2015) 2:06 (Brazil)

In Brazil, 200,000 people go missing every year. The way people try to find them if of course, by putting posters all over the area. To help facilitate this, HP partnered with Associação Mães de Sé/ABCD.
HP’s ePrint technology, featured in over 1 million printers around the world, allows print jobs to be sent from anywhere and will provide an exponential increase to the NGO’s reach throughout the country. Users will be able to send to their posters to print via email, to printers located in the region, and not just from one printer. Geolocation will help cover more ground in the area. What a great way to demonstrate a feature of a printer in a meaningful way. Let's hope it does a lot of good.

Advertising Agency: FCB Brasil
VP Creative Director: Joanna Monteiro and Max Geraldo
Digital Creative Director: Pedro Gravena
Creative Technologist: Marcio Bueno
Technology: Gerson Lupatini
Art Director: Tiago Freitas and Bruno Bueno
Copywriter: Vinicius Dalvi
Project Manager: Lia D’Amico and Felipe Brentan
Account: Mauro Silveira, Alec Cocchiaro, Diogo Braga, Henrique Silva, Stefano Pieroni and Marina Vilar
Media: Alexandre Ugadin, Cristina Omura and Rafael Amaral
Planner: Raphael Barreto, Cesar Fuster and Bruno Cantarim
RTV: Charles Nobili and Andrá Fonseca
Director: Décio Matos Junior and The Aubergine
Director of Photography: Azul
Editor: Thomaz Bastos and Rodrigo Resende "Sapão"
Production Company: Delica Digital
Sound Producer: Timbre/Art.Sound
Client Supervisors: Marcio Furrier, Nara Marques and Sheila Oliveira

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