HRT "Hidden Powers of Anneli " (2015) 1:00 (Finland)

This spot, tho. Everything about it. From the cinematography, to the oh-so-serious voice over, to the Garth Marenghi's Darkplace dry humor, to the music, to the casting of Anneli, to the 1970's light show during the "psychic moments," is perfect. And it's all to suggest the average Finn has psychic powers because they know when the tram will be late. Yes, this isn't for Virgin or Skittles or Cool Brand Du Jour.™ This is for Helsinki Region Transport, the coolest clients in all of Finland if not Europe.
I can't imagine the L.A. Department of Transportation ever doing something this awesome. Hell, they can't even fill in potholes.

Client: Helsinki Region Transportation
Marketing Director: Mari Flink
Client marketing manager: Sami Jokivirta
Marketing planner: Kaarina Kivimäki

Agency: 358 Helsinki
Art Director: Antero Jokinen
Copywriter: Jani Tynnilä
Account director: Veera Kivimäki
Account manager: Mari Romanoff
Graphic designer: Kukka-Maria Kiuru

Production Company: Directors Guild Helsinki
Executive Producer: Ville Varesvuo
Producer: Juha-Matti Nieminen
Director: Teemu Niukkanen
DOP: Tuomas Järvelä
Post Production: Talvi Digital
Editor: Mikko Löppönen
Sound Design: Tuomas Seppänen & Timo Anttila / Humina

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