HSBC Lowe retrospective

It was rather sad news to hear that HSBC ended their contract with LOWE, and instead hired WPP, presumably to have more of a global agency to overlook the global account. Here's a look back at some of the commercials that Lowe did for HSBC.

HSBC was well on it's way of becoming a great global campaign, with all of Lowe worldwide adding their two cents to the campaign. Lowe Bull South Africa came up with the original pitch-winning-idea for the Symbols commercial. The line 'The World's Local Bank' was co-crafted in New York and London, while many of the more notable print ads and commercials were created in Asia-pacific and Latin America. Whatever WPP do for the account, the bar has been raised quite high, both in global agency co-operation, creativity and campaign consistency.

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Please please don't let WPP drop the "World's local bank"-thought. It's perfect.

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Question is: is it possible to use it in many other ways than those already done? I would say that the tag is good but maybe they should change the concept round it? I think it's refreshing for a brand changing creative platform from time to time.

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Hey does anybody know who the woman in the HSBC Chrysanthemums ad is? you know the one in Italy! She's beautiful!

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Stuff was ho-hum from the start.
But methinks it being a bank and all may be why the work is overrated.