HSL "Sensitive to touch" (2016) 30 (Finland)

HSL has a new travel card reader that has a touch screen. Instead of just telling you that, our favorite Finnish shop Agency 358 Helsinki created a sensual spot with a breathy voice over (in French) no less that explains ze card reader, she is sensitive to touch, non? The porny music is a nice touch, too. Hilarious.

Agency: 358 Helsinki
Creative director / ad: Ale Lauraéus
Copy: Antti Tähtinen
Graphic desginer: Antti Salminen, Mark Nurmi, Essi Manni
Client team director: Veera Kivimäki
Agency producer: Mari Romanoff
Adaptation: Hélène Vallaud, Sodelcourt
Production Company: Directors Guild Helsinki
Executive Producer: Ville Varesvuo
Producer: Juha-Matti Nieminen
Director: Musuta
DOP: Mark Stubbs
Music: Jukka Backlund
Editor: Antony Bentley
Grading: Henri Pulla @ Pullapost
Post-Production: Talvi Digital

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