Hulu "Apartment" (2016) :30 (USA)

There's always something good on Hulu starting at 7.99 a month. This is a fairly uneventful retail spot from Hulu, produced by Hulu. As a retail spot it does the job. As "original content," it's boring.

Client: Hulu
Agency: Hulu
SVP Marketing: Jenny Wall
VP Marketing: Richard Kim
Manager, Brand Marketing: Kyle Looney
Associate Brand Manager: Nira Patel
Director of Video Production / Copywriter: Damon Van Deusen
Senior Video Producer / Copywriter: Nathan Alexander
Manager, Design: Andres Montano
Director Creative Solutions: Tom “TJ” Walker
Creative Solutions Producer: Allison Shannon
Production Company: Backyard
Director: Xander™
Director of Photography: Adam Richards
President/Partner: Blair Stribley
Managing Director/Partner: Chris Zander
VP/Executive Producer: Kris Mathur
Head of Production: Emily Malito
Line Producer: Caleb Omens
Editorial: Hulu
Editor: Aly Parmelee
Senior Video Producer: Nathan Alexander
Manager Motion Graphics: Stan Lim

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