- Lawyers in cages (2017) :30 (USA)

This sendup of humane soceity ads of yore is anything but subtle. Lawyers in cages look sad at the camera while a spokeswoman at home delivers this message:

"Every day thousands of lawyers and lobbyists around the country find themselves out of work and unemployed. These lawyers don't have a vacation home. For just $19 a month you can join the Humane Society of the United States in our fight to hire more lawyers. People often think we run pet shelters but that simply isn't true. We don't run a single one."

This ad aired pre-game.


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PETA creeps into the brain of well-meaning people. I won't go on a rant here but I have noticed a trend in ads requesting a donation -- $19USD monthly. Every time I see that one dollar short of a $20 bill I think, sketchy charity. I really don't know if $19 times 12 = $228 is a tipping point; $20 times 12 = $240 looks like an IRS audit amount. I'm not a lawyer/CPA so Google why $19 is the magic number to piss away.

EDIT: This interview has more on PETA vs Humane Watch :

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