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HUN Wine launches brand with outdoor campaign at the worse possible time.

"This is the worst time to launch a new brand." TBWA London admits, but then they used this as an opportunity to stand out. Stuck with inventory of outdoor advertising, when nobody is outdoors, they created a campaign that cheekily makes fun of this predicament. 

"Our advertising agency put our poster out here. They're not our advertising agency anymore."

Mocking the outdoor media choice in itself may be memorable, because the ads though stand out with their tongue in cheek tone, but will the viewers (few as they may be - not counting us in earned and social media) recall that this is for canned wine? Of course, if you associate wine in a cane with whining, well then it makes perfect sense. 

"Did you see our advertising campaign? No, didn't think so."
"You've taken up running, it must be bad. Still, try running an advertising campaign that only you're going to see."
"Look, everybody! We've just launched a new wine. Anybody? Anybody? Anybody?" - good lord, get Bueller in here.
"If you're not reading this because you're at home, that's fine. We won't take it personally."

My personal favourite, not only because it reminds me of one of the Corona shirts I made in my shop, but because it forces a bit of interaction with the lonesome reader out for a stroll. "If you can read this... You're way too close". I also like the use of two posters to whine about a launch party nobody would come to. 

"If you're reading this, you're way too close"
"We were going to have our launch party here. But no one could make it."

To ensure at least someone will see their ad campaign, they launched a social media campaign as well. 

Client: HUN wine

Ad agency: TBWA, London


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