Hungry? In Cannes? *after midnight*? Deutsch LA to the rescue with Cannes Has Pizza

Cannes has Pizza is this weeks must-have app as Deutsch LA is arming scooter-riding iphone-carrying pizza-saviors and sending them to Cannes. They'll be delivering 1800 slices of the best pizza you'll never remember throughout the week, Tuesday-Thursday nights, going from 12-2 am. Like any brilliant idea best suited for drunken souls, this one was conceived of at 5 in the morning in Cannes, as Jeff Sweat was trotting up and down the croisette desperately searching for food. Cannes may have that free-flowing pink Evian in abundance, but food after midnight is a lot harder to find. No more, just check the Cannes has Pizza app at any time, and you'll see where the orange-and-white Pizza guy has stopped the scooter right that minute. Hint: probably at the Gutter bar.

I suspect many very large data roaming bills on agency phones again this year. Especially after midnight.

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