Hyundai "Wow: Sonata" (2015) :30 (USA)

This ad comes loaded with features. Like Everyday Mom™ rattling off a hundreds of features, because regular people say phrases like "Lane departure warning," and "hands-free smart trunk," all the time. It also comes fully-equipped with a hapless but friendly car dealer who is also there to be of service, instead of what we know to be true: the guy's a bastard who will do whatever it takes to get you into that car including sell his grandmother. You know what also comes standard in this commercial? The "I'm so bowled over by the list of features in this otherwise pedestrian car, I'm going to do something over-the-top," moment. In this case an almost-swear. Oh and last but not least it also comes with a button in the rear. Because even though it's a 2015 Sonata, this spot is stuck in the 90's.
This, friends, is why people hate automobile advertising.

Client: Hyundai - Central Region Hyundai Dealers
Advertising Agency: INNOCEAN USA
VP, Group Creative Director: Miles Turpin
Creative Directors: Lon Davis, Skip Tramontana
Art Director: Vanessa Volonte
Copywriter: Marvin Figueroa
Executive Producer HDAA: Jennifer Pearse
Senior Producer: Melanie C. McKinnell
Production Company: Cap Gun Collective
Director: Matt Miller
Director of Photography: Eric Haase
Executive Producers: Matt Abramson, Jason Botkin
Head of Production: Marisol Herold
Line Producer: Gabrielle Yuro
Post-Production Company: Orange Editorial
Editor: Brad Wetmore
Post Producer: Chanel Boyd

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This ad would have been pretty cutting edge in 1997.

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No. Not even then.

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I hate this commercial. The sales guy makes the woman feel better about her cursing by saying a Russian woman said something worse? That makes no sense. And when that kid sticks his hand out, I want to bend his chubby little fingers back.

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I HATE this TV commercial. Appears the ad is trying to be "cool" by using the F bomb (as though using the F bomb is cool.) This ad insults the intelligence of its viewers. Honestly, i change the channel when this ad runs. Take this ad off the air! I will NEVER buy Hundai because of this ad. SHAME ON YOU: INNOCEAN USA, Miles Turpin, Lon Davis, Skip Tramontana, Vanessa Volonte, Marvin Figueroa, Jennifer Pearse, Melanie C. McKinnell, Cap Gun Collective, Matt Miller, Eric Haase, Matt Abramson, Jason Botkin, Marisol Herold, Gabrielle Yuro, Orange Editorial, Brad Wetmore, Chanel Boyd.

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FINALLY! A Funny Hyundai ad that is memorable and funny. Fact is it's not about the car it's about making it memorable. People who say they change the channel guess what? Their ad worked because you have to make a conscious effort to do such a thing. Therefore marketing 101 worked on the average American. Great job on this ad, having kids, and being an average person I enjoy funny and love it.

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Contrary to what you think about what makes a successful ad campaign, it's not solely about making a strong impression; it's about driving sales and revenue. Only time will tell if Hyundai's ad agency was successful. Personally, I hope it is not. I used to work for the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather. Undoubtedly, we did campaigns where our delivery was less than noble; however, I doubt if we would have ever succumbed to the base sense of humor seen in Hyundai's ads.

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I hate hate hate this stupid commercial. It's absurdly irritating and completely unfunny. I literally can't buy a Hyundai because of how awful this is. Hearing that stupid bleep to cover up a fake curse word makes me want to throw the remote at the tv. How did this commercial end up passing advertisers' expectations??

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This is the most irritating commercial. Why is it necessary to have a mother say the s - - - word in front of her child when buying a car? Makes me wonder how she talks in front of him under other circumstances. Nice mother. I wonder how many sales people have actually heard that word come out of a customer's mouth when describing the features on a car? Totally unnecessary. And that kid . . . he says one sentence and I'd like to stuff a sock in his mouth!

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Your concern for the parenting habits of a fictional commercial character is laughable to say the least.

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I HATE these commercials. It makes me cringe to think that my 80 year old, Christian grandma has to be exposed to this offensive commercial. Shame on you!!! I will never buy one of these cars because of poor advertising!!!

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Offensive commercials. I would never buy this brand just BECAUSE of these commercials. Is this the only way they can draw attention to these cars???

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I'm pretty stunned that so many people are reacting like this to an idea as old as the hills.

For more creative use of bleeping in commercials, see the more creative uses in McDonald's Bleep 2006, Knorr Bleep 2006, Allstate "Bleep" 2008, the US latin market Twix Bleep 2010 and the really ancient Guldkorn winner: Faxe (BLEEP) 1992 from Denmark, which IMHO is the best one.

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HATE this ad. Annoying and disrespectful of the audience. We can choose our programming but not ads. Every time I hear the ad, I get so aggravated. This makes me never want a Hyundai.

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The mute button was made for this commercial. I cannot believe that people with an I.Q over 50 would believe that this commercial would place a Hyundai in a position that would make someone think well about this car. Just the opposite in my opinion.

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This commercial is offensive. I taught my kids to express themselves without foul language. It is ashame Hyundai cannot do the same.

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this type of commercial appeals to lowest of society, maybe that's Hyundai's core customer. idiots who will buy a car based on customer and voice over guys swearing words that we tell our kids not to say. typical of the dumbing down of our society. congratulation advertising agency and whatever imbecile at Hyundai that heard this and said "yea , that's' a good idea"......biggest misjudgment of American people since admiral yamamoto of japan in 1941.

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I was shocked when I saw this commercial, the fact they think they need to swoop down to that level is pathetic. But clearly alot of ppl thought that since I just watched it and now it's cut out, thank god

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You may love or you may hate those commercials, but one thing you can be sure about - it's making the new Hyundai a thing that is being talked about, and isn't this the exact point of advertising?

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This ad could have been thought out better by the marketing sector of Hyundai, but it didn't fail to bring attention to the car, did it?

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