I am Jack's professional pride

This enlightening little film should be required viewing in marketing departments everywhere.

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Thats the sound of the commercial flying right above your head.

Ask yourself, who are they talking to? You? Do they need outrageous creativity to impress the client or do they need to get their very simple point across loud and clear without insulting the adbuyers out there? The very same adbuyers who don't dare to air truly creative stuff? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you are saying - a quick example of what you think would be a better approach may help - "creative" means a lot of different things to people and I'm wary you might mean sockpuppets, wolves and tattoed foreheads... Might be wrong.

I loved it. Simple and spot on, no fuss no muss.

On the site read the Ode to the client. Nice one.

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I think the ad is way far-fetched. Is it aimed at marketing people? How will they get it? Besides, the site is just full of cliche statements from the creative department, about how safety is bad and about target audience. I'm embarassed to the bone to see the only industry in the world that calls themselves "creative" can't come up with something more original.