ICA Handlarna - Go Fish - Fiskdamm (2002) - 0:30 (Sweden)

Stig: Here you go kid, hold here.

Roger: Okay... Now the fish are biting.

Stig: Hey, look at that.

Kid: Wow!

Stig: Here you go, and tell Mom to pay at the checkout.

Stig: Next

Roger: There«s pulling at the line here.

Stig: ooh.

Kid: Yeah!

Roger: Here comes a really big catch.

Kid: oh.

(kids get less enthusiastic until one finally cries at the sight of his
tampon box catch)

Stig: Tsk Roger.. (turns to kid) But kid, do you know how much these
really cost?

Kid: Old fart.

agency : King, Stockholm

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