ICA - National Holiday / Congrats to us all (2016) :30 (Sweden)

ICA Sweden often comment on current events and seasonal holidays with their weekly ads. In march they welcomed the new intern Abdullah, a.k.a "Abbe", as a move to reflect the changing Swedish society, and now the himbo Ulf declares his love for Sweden in an unusually patriotic and proud way ahead of our national day 6th of June. "I've been thinking" he says, "us Swedes don't make a big thing about the national day, I mean, we're not like the Norwegians, but isn't Sweden something to celebrate?"

"I mean here you get to say what you want, think what you want, and love who you want," he continues, "and we're both healthier and happier than a lot of other people here on earth."
"So it's not all that strange that so many people want to come here, and you and I who wake up here every day, haven't we won the lottery?"
Stig then joins in, "This we'll celebrate with some coffee" and Sebastian agrees that one needs to take the opportunity while the sun is out. How superbly Swedish of them both. As a side-note, ICA charge the Swedish government 68 million kronor a year for debit-cards that are handed out to asylum-seekers, so I guess this ad is expanding market?

Ad agency: KING

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