ICA - Welcome "Abbe" Abdullah - (2016) :30 (Sweden)

The ICA boss shows their new intern around, his name is Abdullah but called "Abbe" (a very old school Swedish male name). The actor who plays Abdullah, Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada, is actually an immigrant from Afghanistan. He arrived in Sweden in 2010, is currently only 19 years old but has already played the lead part in the film "The kite runner” (2007) back in Afghanistan.

As ICA boss Stig introduces Abbe, Sebastian joins in but speaks English to him assuming that he doesn't speak Swedish. Abbe then turn sto Stig and says: "An Englishman, it's good with diversity." and Stig responds "Yes, yes, we're very happy to have him here."

About the new cast member, marketing director at ICA Sweden Mats Liedholm comments: "For us it is important to describe the changes that are happening in the community and in our stores."

Ad agency: KING

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