I'd like to teach the world to chill

Crispin Porter and Bogusky, have re-done the hilltop classic, the song that reached the top of the pops of the best ad-songs of all time, is now re-sung by G. Love in the new ad for Coke Zero called chilltop. (Flash site).
The lyrics are as bland as they can be: "I'd like to teach the world to chill, take time to stop and smile/I'd like to buy the world a Coke and chill with it a while." but we weren't expecting anything else.

As reported earlier, fast company is quite right, G. Love might be the right choice but the song is the wrong one. And who on earth still uses "chill" as an as an adjective? CP&B can't win 'em all every time. Is this a symptom of good agency + bad client, or is it simply a reminder that Crispin's mortal after all? ;)

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Finally, it's important for all of us that feel overshadowed by the CP+B hype to see them completely miss the mark...like the rest of us mortals.

I think this spot so bad that it might be the point that CP+B officially JUMPED THE SHARK. This spot and recycling their ideas like a the funny jargon for BK and Mini and the Method and Subservient (different skin, same plumbing, with the soap one being a force fit).

To have a G. Love, who I respect and have interviewed before, singing a sacchrine jingle, literally whoring himself out is a shame. Plus, none of this crap even explains what this new drink is.

If I had this in my reel and showed it to CP+B they would have turned up their noses .

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Actually, that's using "chill" as a verb, not an adjective.

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But your point is still well-taken. My wife's urban high-school students will mock this ad mercilessly.

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This ad is a total zero. bah.

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Lets pretend I didn't make that mistake. My English teacher, Mr French, would never let me live it down. *whistles*

This morning when I looked at it though, I could've sworn that I heard the site say "That's so chill."

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G. Love should've tweaked his song Cold Beverage instead!

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Your English teacher's name was French? How ironic.

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Over at the Chicago Sun Times, Lewis Lazare rates it an F.

At the gym today I heard a radio spot for it too. Made me want to puke. One thing that surprised me was there was no use of the song in the spot. Seemed very low budget. I don't remember any SFX or music or anything. Just two voices and most of it was just one. Maybe they spend all their budget on getting G.Love ;-)

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This commercial makes you realize how easy it is to chill. All you need is a cool beverage, a cool attitude, a variety of funky dressing ethnically diverse friends, a hilltop in an urban setting and some really kick-ass tunes like G-Love. That's how I usually get my "chill" on. CP&B, you couldn't have been more right on with this virtual snapshot of progressive American youth culture. Keep up the good work.