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Idi "Cinzia, your Skin Friend" (2013) 2:15 (Italy)

Italian women get most of their skin care tips from the interwebs. But they're not necessarily going to trusted sources. And those tips from unreliable sources can end up being silly, ineffective or even dangerous.

Skin Care company Idi Pharmaceuticals came up with an intriguing way to reach these women. They created a fake tutorial girl. Named "Cinzia," she offered up over the top ridiculous skin care tips, including covering your face with raw octopus and pizza dough.

This caught on like wild fire, and people started following. Her tutorials became weirder and weirder, she got more popular, getting more earned media in the process. After a couple of episodes, Idi finally showed up with banners, annotations all of Cinzia's page, urging people to go to their Dermaday website, and book an appointment with a trained expert.

They also offered up real tutorials, explaining how home remedies aren't nearly as effective as pharmaceutical ones.

Nice idea. But oh how I wish this girl Cinzia really existed. The word needs more loopy weirdos like this.

Advertised brand: IDI Pharmaceuticals
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Milan (ITALY)
Agency website: http://www.leoburnett.it
Creative Director: Cristiano Tonnarelli
Art Director: Serena Micieli
Copywriter: Giuseppe Pavone, Andrea Torcoli
Additional credits: Group Creative Director: Paolo De Matteis, Riccardo Robiglio
Digital Creative Director: Paolo Boccardi
Digital Strategist: Andrea Torcoli

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