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Idles - "Mercedes Marxist" - headbanging office worker video directed by Will & Dylan of Directors 32

They had me already at the start of the office scene. It doesn't hurt that I like the song as well, but this whole grungy "video" look to the music video, with a grainy drab office somewhere, and a man banging his head against the desk repeatedly, yepI'm hooked. At 2:42 there's a nice screaming release as our headbanging office grunt hero rages into the void and the strobe light cuts are edited together to make it even more manic. This is gritty, grimey, desperate, and so very old school punk somehow.  Directors 32 directing team Will & Dylan created this music video with the much buzzed about band Idles. 

Starring: Kris Hitchen

Directed By: Thirtytwo

Produced By : Erin Sayder

Executive Producer: Maurizio Von Trapp

Executive Producer: James Sorton

Production Company: Pulse Films

Record Label: Partisan Records

Director Of Photography:  Ben Fordesman

Production Designer: Tim Gibson

Production Manager: Millie Wells

Casting Director: Kharmel Cochrane

1 S​ T ​ad : Chris Malin

Costume Designer: Adam Howe

Hair & Make Up / Sfx: Scarlett O’connell

Editor: Ellie Johnson

Colourist: Simone Grattarola

2nd ​ Ad: Sam Bokma

Production Assistant: Ellie Sanders Wright 

Production Assistant: Rachel Bashford

Location Manager: Alistair Vlok 

Location Manager: Titus Penate 

Focus Puller : Ed Tucker

Clapper Loader: Jay Coates

Trainee: Ernie Griffths

Grip: Lee Naylor-vane

Jimmy Jib: Mike Drury

Jimmy Jib Trainee: Hannah Vivancos-drury

Gaffer: Esteban Gimpelewicz

Electrician: Leopold Naessens

Electrician:  Izzy Jones

Electrician:  Jeff Celis

Spark Trainee: Evance Breteuil 

Props: Louis Ruscombe King

Props: Nick Hancock

Props Buyer: Anna Leahy

Art Dept Assistant: ​ George ​gunn

Art Dept Assistant: Conor O’hagan 

Stunt Coordinator: Dave Nolan

Runner: Tracey Lopes

Runner: James Reed

Runner: Elliot Lang

Runner: David Marrt

Runner: Amelia Stott

Medic: Mark Doree

Driver: Mark Rigoletto 

Driver: Terry Gibourn

Catering: Red Hot Box

Camera Equipment: Panavision

Lighting Equipment: Panalux

Production Equipment: Get Set Hire

Edit Assistant: Amanda Jenkins

Edit Producer: Julian Marshall

Edit House: Tenthree

Flame Artist: Jamie Crofts

Flame Artist: Nina Mosand

Flame Artist: Adam Paterson

Nuke Artist: Linda Cieniawska 

Post House Producer: Sean Ewins

Post House Executive Producer: Tom Johnson

Post House: Time Based Arts

Sound Designer: Anthony Moore

Sound Design Executive Producer: Lou Allen

Sound Design House: Factory

Insurance:  Jlt Specialty Ltd.



Wife: Sarah Whithe

Pub Drinker: Danny Granger

Pub Drinker Friend: Claude Driver

Pub Screen Actors: Kim Driver,  Stan Roberts,  Charlie Hinnegan,  Dale Clarke
Office Screen Actors:  Kim Driver, Jamie Treacher, Charlie Pawlett, Claire Brice, Simon Bass, Jack Chapman, Hayley Powell, Amanda Collins, Wendy Jt Simeon, Billy Wright

Supermarket Screen Actors: Sophie Dearlove ,  Helen Walling Richards,  Jermaine Young, Izzy Joan, Nick Field,  Jo Hart , Katherine Beresford 

Stunt Performers: Mark Rigoletto, Danny Granger , Anna Thornley, Chris O'Reilly, Calum Ralph

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