IKEA Bahrain pulls a fast one with "bad translation" of their signage.

Ikea Bahrain has pulled as fast one on everyone - or just saved face after a huge mistake. You be the judge, either way it was all over social media. 

The first photo shared by hundreds of people showed a new IKEA in Bahrain with the line "same but in Arabic" underneath the ad sign that reads "create your perfect night's sleep" in English.

"create your perfect night's sleep"
"Create your perfect night's sleep" - "Just in Arabic"

Many people in Bahrain noticed this and had a good laugh on Twitter while sharing the photo. 

But that's not all, soon IKEA themselves joined in the social media shenanigans, showing a new and improved poster outside of IKEA- "This is what happens when you don't get a good night's sleep" they excused themselves with. We've been had by an ad, people.


Even this was appreciated by people on social media, and so the ad that physically should only reach customers who would drive by has now become a bit of an internet phenomenon as well. As this tweeter says, Ikea wins. Gotcha, y'all.




"Enjoy your perfect sleep with IKEA"

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