IKEA - Wonderful Life / #WonderfulEveryday (2016) :90 (UK)

IKEA shows us the little things in life are the big things, as we follow this couple through what seems like multiple lifetimes. In the 50s they touch, in the 60s they paint art on the walls of a commune, in the 70s they have a farm, and then become a racing team, then a mixed gender tennis duo. They act, they dance, they hug and kiss, all set to the music ‘You and Me’ by Penny and the Quarters. It's difficult to follow along this timeline, as their amazing life is even more fantastic than Forrest Gump's life, but one thing I see is the same throughout the couples life, and it's the empty Strandmon chair at the end. How odd that a single Ikea item seems to be the only constant in their lives. And how sad that it was empty.

Director: Gary Freedman
Production: Independent
Music: Penny and the Quarters "You and me"

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