Imodium A-D - Music Store - full (2004) 0:30 (USA)

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A woman goes into a music store to buy a CD.. she starts listening to the cd and see a man listening to the same song.. She starts to flrit with him and starts dancing trying to turn him on.. she shakes her ass and then gets this rumble in her stomach.. Her eyes get wider as her diarrhea kicks in.. she can't take it anymore and starts to run to a bathroom before she explodes in her pants.. next time she should of bought imodium instead of a cd.. a hot blond now one sick women.. hpefully for her the bathrooms are not all used up and not out of order..

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A woman goes to a Cd store to buy a cd. She starts to listen to a song and sees a guy.. it turns out he is listing to the same song.. she begins to flrit with him and shaking her ass.. then a rumble starts in her gut.. her eyes widen and runs to the bathroom.. the guy turns around and sees the she left.. hopefully for her she made it to the bathroom before she exploded with diarrhea.. hopefully she got her pants off in time and what if the lady's room was being used or out of order.. it would of been a bad day for that blond hotty

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a hot chick gets the runs.. hopefully the lady's room is not closed for cleaning

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You sick people need to get a life.

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hot lady love her dancing