Imperial Beer - Volcano, Factory, Rainwater - posters, USA

Images were at one point removed at the Request of Y&R's Creative Director Craig Evans - until some "rights issues" have been sorted out. - no updates on rights issues yet, so I'm moving this to spec work.

Y&R in Irvine created these awesome looking posters to remind folks that Imperial beer is truly from Costa Rica and not anywhere else.

Imperial Beer
Agency: Y&R Advertising, Irvine
Creative team:
John Schulz (Photographer)
Craig Evans (Creative Director)
Mike Stivers (Art Director)
Craig Evans (Copywriter)

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Lovely posters, but this kind of messaging seems to be in just about every beer advert these days (Stella, Kronenberg, et al)

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It's a bit Jack Daniel's, too I think.

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Stella? I thought they were reassuringly expensive since 1972 or something. Is that tied to place of brewing - because if it is that point has gone *swoosh* past me.

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Well, not to a place of brewing, but to a family and recipe - similar if not exactly that same! Just seems one of those messages that all beers use at some point! Maybe I'm just tired of seeing this kind of campaign, not matter how nice it looks!

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Rights issues???

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I have no idea. I asked. Not any wiser right now.